CosmosEx 3.0

Dear all fans of the CosmosEx devices by Jookie:

Due to some issues Jookie was having, we, team, have decided to produce CosmoEx devices under our wings. First batch will be 100 pcs. We have also redesigned the device little bit 🙂 to be more comfortable for use .

Preliminary price is 160 EUR + postage fees.

The price covers: Complete CosmosEx 3.0 device with integrated Raspberry Pi3 model B+, pre-configured Raspberry micro SD card, external 16GB microSD card to get you started 🙂 and the IKDB injector .

For ACSI connection you can use an external or internal cable. We will provide a link where you can buy it (if you don’t already have it) in the near future (you can also use cables from Lotharek, the same as for the Ultrasatan).

For SCSI connection we will try to prepare an internal connection board with cable for the Falcon030, but there will be some soldering on the Falcon motherboard needed so this will not be the best solution for inexperienced users.

For SCSI connection in the TT you don’t need anyhing special 🙂

CosmosEx 3.0 device is SCSI and ACSI compatible. More details will be put on this page 🙂

Device will be sold only as a private sell for those who will pay in advance to our account. After we fill the list for 100 units we start the production and we start to deliver first units after approx. 60 days of the production start .

In near future we will prepare also external case model for 3D printers for free download .

The registration for buy will start in few days .

Some photos of our prototype:


We have started testing of the prototype and preparing a prototype of the main internal case 🙂


We have created a special email for ordering of units .




New case prototype


The 100pcs RPI3B+ SD cards are on the way to us 🙂


Dear Atari friends from 20.4.2018 we start the order process. To be sure of some points we want to explain :

1, In the price you will get ready to use device in internal case with external pre-formatted microSD card with some files, Keyboard injector, Falcon SCSI internal kit

2, No options are possible, like to remove RPI or SD cards, because we can only guaranty full functionality when we build the device, and each device will be tested .

3, The cases you see on our pictures are only prototypes, but in near future you will be able to download here stl file for your printer and print you external housing in ST style , and also manual to build external CosmosEx. In this housing you put external power supply and CosmosEx 3.0 and you will get external Cosmos without floppy emulation . (Except you build special cable )

4, This is private sale  !

Now to the order procedure :

You send us an email after 20.4.2018 only with this main information :

Name, Surname 

Shipping adrress (street, ZIP, City, Country)

Nick name

Number of cosmosEx you want to order

nothing more…

After that procedure your NICK will be on the list on this page, and you get confirmation mail with bank transfer information IBAN, SWIFT and name of the account . Bank fee is on your side !

After you transfer 160 EUR + Post fee your name stays on the list, when not your name will be erased and the place freed for another customer .

Post fee  :

SK,CZ – 10 EUR

EU,Russia, Ukraine – 20 EUR

US,Canada, Australia – 25 EUR